Midtown Optometry

Location: Santa Cruz, California
Website: MidtownVision.com

Located in competitive catchment for optometry, Midtown Optometry has chosen to raise expectations of prospective and existing patients. Credibility, Scope and Functionality form the themes of the site, with key focuses including:

  • Servicing patients with an online appointment booking form - no need to pick up the phone.
  • Beyond the display in Google Search results, Yelp is a vital discovery channel for optometry and eye doctor services in California. Ensuring this is prominent and known by non-Yelp users is key. Connecting prospective patients to Yelp as a dedicated icon in the footer.
  • Introduce patient to essential eyecare information. Give new patients an overview of your service, allowing them to explore their own curiosities or pressure points.
  • Outline services offered at the clinic, using a gallery format to display frame types.