We thoroughly check your website, social media and newsletter, providing feedback on issues as well as guidance to act on suggestions.


What we look for

  • Links - do they all direct to the right place, are they active?
  • Navigation - how easy is it for users to move through and between pages, on their smartphone and on web?
  • Performance - how fast do things load, can the data requirement be reduced?
  • Formatting - have you chosen a refined set of formatting options for headers, colors and regular text?
  • Copy - is copy consistent and clear?

What it looks like

A Testimonial


“Will provided invaluable advice about how to polish up my ecommerce website, newsletter and social media. He has a tremendous eye for detail and I now feel absolutely confident that all these channels are as user friendly as possible and work seamlessly in conjunction with each other. His feedback is very clear and the process completely painless.”

~ Jamie Collins, Owner at The Wine Beagle


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